Directory Assistant

Directory Assistant 3.25

Look up contacts in the US directory

This utility automates queries against the server and adds loads of features of its own. This application is written specifically to take advantage of the Kyocera 6035/7135, Palm Treo 300/600/650, and Samsung i500's ability to dial phone numbers from the results of your residential or business directory queries, though most of the applications features will work on any standard wireless equipped palm device.

Key features of Directory Assistant:

  • Residential, Business and Reverse queries against the web site
  • Dial the phone number directory from the results screen
  • Calls MapQuest to show Map of address from results
  • Use Results, Addressbook entries, Airports, or manually entered addresses for Driving Directions
  • Keep results for later use until cleared
  • Copy number or entire entry to clipboard, copy to Address Book
  • Maintains last entered query parameters for next use
  • Store frequenty used search strings

A handy tool for owners of specific Palm phones.

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Directory Assistant


Directory Assistant 3.25

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